Middle Age theme market in Hanau

Irminratsmarkt in Hanau – Großauheim

Every year in Hanau Großauheim there is a special theme market. Marketplaces, Unbenanntvendors and musicians will be dressed up in costumes, which were typical in Middle Age. You can buy articles similar to the ones usually sold in Middle Age. Come and enjoy the Middle Age athmosphere!

23. – 24. 4. 2016

Rochusplatz, Hanau – Großauheim

Have nice day on 23th and 24th!
Your HEAE – Team.

Das Kunterbunte Kinderzelt

helping the smallest exploring the bouncing area

Helping the smallest exploring the bouncing area

Kids and grown ups enjoy the Kids Festival in EAE

There were many exited faces, when the People from „Das kunterbunte Kinderzelt.eV.“ started to built up the inflatable playgrounds on 14th April. About an hour later two big colorful bouncy castles were set on the ground and the children cheered. Parents watched their kids playing while enjoying some Popcorn and sitting together in the sunny afternoon for a chat. Balloon figures and funny helmets were very popular among kids and teens and even among the grown ups.

The social workers, who planned the event together with the team of „Das

Balloon figures very popular among kids and grown ups

Balloon figures are very popular among kids and grown ups

kunterbunte Kinderzelt e.V.“ are very happy about the kids Festival. The Festival was made possible by the Kathinka Platzhoff foundation, which is very engaged in supporting refugees in Hanau. Also the Team of „das kunterbunte Kinderzelt e.V.“ enjoyed the afternoon together with the People in EAE – Hanau.

Preparing the Popcorn machine

Preparing the Popcorn machine


EAE Hanau says „Thank You, Refugees“

Refugees make HEAE – Hanau a better place

Over months refugees have been busy to improve the HEAE in various ways. As workers they helped the staff of HEAE with many tasks, including the building of stockbeds in the flats or renovating the playground. Many tasks would not have been possible in such short time without their helping Hands.

Refugees took actively part in rebuilding the playground

Refugees took actively part in rebuilding the playground


Also in many other ways it is the refugees themeselves, who contributed to the improvment the HEAE, helping out in the Youth Center or using their knowledge of language for translations for other refugees. In order to make content of this website readable for people without english knowledge, refugees formed a team for website translations.

2016-04-13 13.19.27

Looks much better now: refugees repainted the kindergarden building

The Team of HEAE – Hanau says thank you to all the helpers among the refugees:
We hope also in future we will build up this place together.

Happy Eastern

The Team of HEAE wishes you:

Frohe Ostern!

Easter Holidays in Hanau

Eggs everywhere

During springtime, on Sunday the 26. and Monday, the 27.3.16 people celebrate the Easter Holidays. For Christian people Easter is one of the most important holidays. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion, one of the most central figures in the Christian belief, whose story is written down in the New Testament. In Germany in many churches there are special Easter ceremonies during the Easter holydays.

Still there are many customs, like decorations made of colored eggs everywhere. Where do they come from? As it is with many very old customs, there is no sure origin of these customs. Even long before Middle Age colored eggs existed as a symbol for springtime and new life and were given as a present. The Christian Holiday and the tradition of the Easter egg would become one during early middle age, because both symbolize a new beginning.

Events in Hanau

Hanau Market Day

This Sunday, 20.03.16

All Shops will be open this sunday.
And there is more:

Automobile Show: 11:00 – 18:00, Marktplatz
More then 100 different automobiles are shown to visitors.

Motorbike Show : 11:00 – 18:00, Freiheitsplatz
If you like motorbikes a visit is a must!

Open Day of the Fire Brigade and DLRG:  12:00 – 17:00, Kinzigbogen
Fire Brigade and the DLRG give insight into their work. There’s much program for grown ups and kids

Spring Market Steinheim: 11:00 – 19:00, Steinheim
A market with all sorts of articles sold by Traders and private sellers. It is great to watch and for Shopping of small things.
Our Tip: Please don’t shop things too big to go on transfer with you. Nevertheless, don’t miss it and enjoy!


The EAE Team wishes you a nice Weekend on the Market Day Hanau!


Helpers for Webspace

Refugees Info needs you!

  • You speak English fluently?
  • You speak Farsi perfectly or it is your mothertongue?
  • You are able to translate English to Farsi and write it down on a PC?

Perfect! Then you are the one we need!

Refugees Info is looking for  helpers on a voluntary Basis. Your task is to keep people who read and understand Farsi only in touch with the latest news and useful information.
You’ll translate text and news for the website in Farsi and work with our team on new topics that could interest people in our HEAE.

Visit the Social Workers Office and tell that you want to help as translator for the Refugees Info Website.
Please bring your ID-Card (and if possible a mobile number) so we can contact you.

Fasching / Karneval , the fifth season!

From 4th till 10th of February there is Fasching, often also called Karneval. People then celebrate merrily and dress up in funny costumes.

Actually Fasching has an old Tradition in Germany. Already in the middle Age People celebrated Fasching, with lots of noise and costumes. People believed, the noise and costume would drive away ghosts and bad Spirits.

At a later time Christian People celebrated this Event too and named it „Karneval“. For them it was the last big celebration before 40 days of fasting. The Name is a hint, it Comes from the latin words „Carne Vale“ which means „fare well, meat“

In 19th century another Fasching Tradition started. At that time political Actions were strictly forbidden. Fasching was the only exception: There People could talk openly in often humorous and political speeches. No one could forbid, as it it was just making jokes. This Tradition lived on until today.

Please help to make Fasching a peaceful and happy Event. Costumes, Jokes and celebrating are ok, insults and violence are not. For more Information please click link.  Let us celebrate as one big community!



من الرابع حتى العاشر من شباط\/فبراير هو كرنفال، غالباً ما يسمى الكرنفال. الناس ثم الاحتفال بمرح واللباس في أزياء مضحك.

في الواقع قد الكرنفال التقليد القديم في ألمانيا. الفعل في منتصف العمر احتفل الشعب الكرنفال، مع الكثير من الضوضاء، والأزياء. ويعتقد الناس، الضوضاء وزي طرد أشباح بعيداً وحالة معنوية سيئة.

في وقت لاحق الاحتفال بهذا الحدث أيضا الشعب المسيحي، وأطلق عليها اسم „كرنفال“. لهم ما هو الاحتفال الكبير الأخير قبل 40 يوما من الصوم. الاسم إشارة، يأتي من العبارة اللاتينية „Vale كارني“ الذي يعني „تبلي بلاء حسنا، اللحوم“ في القرن التاسع عشر بدأت تقليد كرنفال آخر. وفي ذلك الوقت كانت الإجراءات السياسية يمنع منعا باتا. كرنفال ما هي الاستثناء الوحيد: هناك شخص يمكن التحدث بصراحة في الخطب كثيرا روح الدعابة والسياسية. رقم واحد يمكن أن تمنع، كما أنه ما هو مجرد جعل النكات. ويعيش على هذا التقليد حتى اليوم.

الرجاء مساعدة جعل الكرنفال سلمي وحدثاً سعيداً. أزياء والنكات وتحتفل موافق، والشتائم والعنف حالات الطوارئ. لمزيد من المعلومات الرجاء النقر فوق الارتباط. واسمحوا زحمة الولايات المتحدة كجماعة كبيرة واحدة!



از چهارم تا ده فبرایر عید فاشینگ است. مردم برایه شادی کردن در این عید با پوشیدن لباس های خنده دار، در این عید شادی میکنند.
در واقع فاشینگ یک سنت قدیمی در آلمان است.در حال حاضر در سن متوسط مردم جشن „فاشینگ“ را میگیرند.این جشن داری مقدار زیادی از سر و صدا است،در این جشن مردم با پوشیدن لباس های مختلف،به این اعتقاد دارند که با پوشیدن این لباس ها ارواح بد را دور میکنند.
در زمان بعد از مسیح مردم جشن این رویداد بیش از حد و نام آن را“کرنوال ها“.برای آنها آن را آخرین جشن بزرگ قبل از 40 روز روزه داری بود.نام یک اشاره است،آن را از کلمات لاتین „ادویه واله“ که به معنی به خوبی خداحافظی،گوشت می آید.
در قرن 19 یکی دیگر از سنت „فاشینگ“ آغاز شده است.در آن زمان فعالیتهای سیاسی اکیدا ممنوع شد.“فاشینگ“ تنها استثنا بود.مردم می توانند به طور آشکار در سخنرانی اغلب طنز آمیز سیاسی صحبت کنید.برایه هیچ کسی ممنوع نیست.آن را فقط برایه ساخت جوک است.این سنت تا به امروز زندگی میکند.


Silvester / New Years Eve

We wish you all a happy new year!

Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

سال نو تان مبارك
كل عام و انتم بخير

X-mas Event:

Merry Christmas on HEAE Hanau

On 24.12.2015   11:00

Meeting at our Christmas tree outside

Hope to see you all!

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