Monat: April 2016

Middle Age theme market in Hanau

Irminratsmarkt in Hanau – Großauheim

Every year in Hanau Großauheim there is a special theme market. Marketplaces, Unbenanntvendors and musicians will be dressed up in costumes, which were typical in Middle Age. You can buy articles similar to the ones usually sold in Middle Age. Come and enjoy the Middle Age athmosphere!

23. – 24. 4. 2016

Rochusplatz, Hanau – Großauheim

Have nice day on 23th and 24th!
Your HEAE – Team.

Das Kunterbunte Kinderzelt

helping the smallest exploring the bouncing area

Helping the smallest exploring the bouncing area

Kids and grown ups enjoy the Kids Festival in EAE

There were many exited faces, when the People from „Das kunterbunte Kinderzelt.eV.“ started to built up the inflatable playgrounds on 14th April. About an hour later two big colorful bouncy castles were set on the ground and the children cheered. Parents watched their kids playing while enjoying some Popcorn and sitting together in the sunny afternoon for a chat. Balloon figures and funny helmets were very popular among kids and teens and even among the grown ups.

The social workers, who planned the event together with the team of „Das

Balloon figures very popular among kids and grown ups

Balloon figures are very popular among kids and grown ups

kunterbunte Kinderzelt e.V.“ are very happy about the kids Festival. The Festival was made possible by the Kathinka Platzhoff foundation, which is very engaged in supporting refugees in Hanau. Also the Team of „das kunterbunte Kinderzelt e.V.“ enjoyed the afternoon together with the People in EAE – Hanau.

Preparing the Popcorn machine

Preparing the Popcorn machine


EAE Hanau says „Thank You, Refugees“

Refugees make HEAE – Hanau a better place

Over months refugees have been busy to improve the HEAE in various ways. As workers they helped the staff of HEAE with many tasks, including the building of stockbeds in the flats or renovating the playground. Many tasks would not have been possible in such short time without their helping Hands.

Refugees took actively part in rebuilding the playground

Refugees took actively part in rebuilding the playground


Also in many other ways it is the refugees themeselves, who contributed to the improvment the HEAE, helping out in the Youth Center or using their knowledge of language for translations for other refugees. In order to make content of this website readable for people without english knowledge, refugees formed a team for website translations.

2016-04-13 13.19.27

Looks much better now: refugees repainted the kindergarden building

The Team of HEAE – Hanau says thank you to all the helpers among the refugees:
We hope also in future we will build up this place together.

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